Monday, November 23, 2015

Our First Vendor Show

 Last weekend Lauren and I took part in a local vendor show (Beaverdale Holiday Boutique) and debuted our Holiday Activity Guide and Boredom Box. We had a wonderful show and very pleased at the interest shown in our new Boredom Boxes. It was WHO was interested in the Boxes that took us by surprise. At our booth, we had the sensory activities all made up. Kids were instantly attracted to them (not surprising), adults had TONS of questions (also not surprising as many adults and parents don't know the great benefits and learning aspects of sensory activities), but it was the middle school kids who really took to the activities!

The show took place at a local elementary school and there were 12-14 year olds helping with the show. Well they were suppose to be helping......they frequently visited our table, played with the activities (their favorite was the "snow"), had their friends come to check out the "cool activities" at our booth, and asked tons of questions. I think we may need to adjust the age of the Boredom Boxes from 2-8 to 1-14! 
I was really pleased to see that all of my own findings and research with sensory activities were confirmed at the show. People are shocked when I tell them that sensory activities of all kinds, keep kids of all ages busy for hours. As soon as kids saw our activities, they were instantly drawn to them and most parents had a difficult time pulling their children away. As I said before, I was quite surprised by the older kids who loved them just as much as the younger kids. I loved watching each age group play and how differently they played with them. It give truth to my hashtag #alwayskeeplearning.
The show was a great networking opportunity for us. For me it was really interesting to see people's reactions (first hand rather than via social media) to our activities, guides, and my books. I'm already anxious for next year's show even though both Lauren and I were exhausted from our 2 day event! 

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