Monday, November 16, 2015

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

November 2015 Edition
I'm embracing all things fall this year with new clothes, lotion, sheets, and coffee mugs. Just a few of my favorite things this season.
1.) Ugg slippers Warm and snug, I wear these around the house all winter. I've also been known to wear them to the grocery store a time or two. Or every time.
2.) Boots One of the many reasons I love this time of year is because it's officially boot season. Tall boots, low boots, rain boots, slipper boots, snow boots. Mild obsession, but happy I live in a climate that gives me an excuse to buy ALL types of boots.
3.) Leggings These leggings from Old Navy are my favorite because they hold up well and are uber comfy. Bonus points for finding them on sale for only $8 a pair. 
4.) Tunic shirts These are a staple in my fall wardrobe considering I need shirts long enough to wear with my leggings day after day. Most of my tunics come from Gap and Old Navy because they come in talls (that's a huge thing when you're 5'10).
5.) Peanuts Holiday Collection Nothing puts me in the holiday mood more than hearing the catchy tunes of Schroeder and seeing Charlie Brown and his gang wait up for the Great Pumpkin, eat jelly beans for Thanksgiving, and watch a sad little tree become magical. I love sharing these classics with my kids who now ask for these every season.
6.) Make A Wish Foundation This is the time of year for giving and being thankful. This year the kids and I are raising money for our local chapter and participating in a couple of their yearly events.
7.) Mac lipstick My favorite fall lip color is Sophisto. Although their red and pink lipsticks are my absolute fave, this is a subtle tone that goes with everything.
8.) Flannel sheets I walked by these at Target and couldn't pass them up. Nothing better than warm, soft sheets on a cold night. 
9.) There Was An Old Lady book series A fun and  goofy book series for kids with a book for each season/holiday. I always make sure to point out to the kiddos that we don't actually swallow these things.
10.) Bath and Body Works holiday lotion. I've been told I smell like a sugar cookie when I wear their Vanilla Bean scent. Perhaps that's why I'm always hungry when I wear it...
11.) Threshold coffee mugs from Target I may be slightly overly obsessed because I bought them in every color I could find, along with these mugs and an abundance of Starbucks K-cups.