Wednesday, November 18, 2015

25 Date Night Ideas

Adults night at our local science center makes for a fun date night!

Sometimes, just sometimes, we find ourselves in a date night rut. Here are 25 of our favorite (and memorable) date night ideas:
1.) A day of golfing or a night of mini golfing.or bowling.
2.) Paint ball.
3.) A concert or a play.
4.) Eat a leisurely dinner at your favorite restaurant. We've got a few go-o restaurants on date night, but one of our favorite spots is our first date restaurant.
5.) Grab coffee. So we usually need the coffee to keep us going after our long days, but it always results in a quiet moment and good conversation.
6.) Take a walk. A late night walk can be incredibly romantic.
7.)  Go enjoy open houses, check out houses way out of your price range, just for fun.
8.) Museum/art gallery/science center. Our local Science Center does a Mixology night for adults to play and explore at the science center just like kids do, but with adult beverages in hand. Hubs and I have a blast at this monthly event.
9.) Go to a movie. This is a nice option when we just want time away.
10.) Game night. We love game nights with friends or other couples. Our go-to game is Cards Against Humanity (not for the easily offended).
11.) Date night in. We're pros at this one: take out, a movie or a game of Scrabble, and wine. It's our typical Thursday night.
12.) Drinks. This can be as laid back or fancy as you choose.
13.) Dance classes. One of our favorite date nights was a salsa class we took back in the day (long before kids were even a thought).
14.) Ice skating/roller skating. We've flashed it back to the 80's at the local roller rink a few times and have had a blast.
15.) Hockey/baseball/basketball/football/etc. Game. It's not always for guys and their buddies. 
16.) Couples massage.
17.) Book store. So, I'm a geek, but I love browsing shelf after shelf of books. Even better that hubs enjoys it too. We geek out together.
18.) Shopping. Yeah, this sounds boring, but sometimes it's nice to just have a break to get errands done together. Twice a year, Hubs and I hire a babysitter and make a day of shopping for presents for the kids' birthday's and Christmas. We've had a great time doing this and have some priceless memories. FYI, adults can be asked to leave Toys R Us....
19.) Champagne brunch.
20.) Dessert bar.
21.) Cooking class. Re-create the meal on a date night in.
22.) Kayaking, boating, biking, hiking.
23.) Hit up an arcade. "Bar-cades" that feature pinball and beer are the best.
24.) Trivia night. Many bars and restaurants host trivia. Great to go with friends or other couples.
25.)  Cook through a cookbook together.  Each week feature a new dish from the menu.