Thursday, November 26, 2015

2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids!

Whether you're shopping for nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or your own kids; our lists have gift ideas for every budget!  Let's dig in!
Ideas for less than $15
2. Take Along Musical Toy. It's our go to gift for all babies.
3. Melissa and Doug art items. There are many paint your own items (like our favorite bath time duck), make your own bracelets,  Water Wow!, and Peel and Press Stained Glass. Any art supplies are excellent for kids of all ages.
4. Voice Changer. Goofy gift, but the older kids have a blast with it (and it's much less annoying than the kid's fart gun that someone got them last Christmas).
5. LeapFrog Fridge Phonics. I recommend this for kids 1+ to get them interested in their letters and learn them. Also, super catchy music with it so beware you'll be singing your alphabet like you just learned it too.
6. Hedbanz. Super excited to add this to our Game Night collection.
7. Mr. Sketch markers. Be prepared to have a marker shoved up your nose with the words "smell this! It smells like..."
8. Flashlight. I don't know what it is, but kids are attracted to them. Great stocking stuffer idea too.
10. Stamp set
Ideas for less than $30
1. LeapFrog Shapes and Learning Picnic Basket. We bought our's three years ago and it is still played with daily.
4. Mickey Mouse Duplos. Any Duplos set is great for ages 1-5.
5. Dress up costumes. Melissa and Doug has a great variety of costumes for kids. 
6. Human Body Model. I recently bought this for my daycare and the kids have really enjoyed learning about the human body. I love fun and educational toys.
7. Find It game. Our whole family likes to play this game on road trips.
8. Pie Face! Okay, so I'll be honest, this is totally on my Christmas list but I'm fairly certain my kids will like playing it with me.
9. Color Your Own Blocks. This keeps kids busy for hours: coloring, putting together, and then playing. Throw a pack of crayons or markers in with it.
10. Inside Out. Great movie for all ages.
Ideas for less than $75
1. Magformers. These will always be on every toy list of mine because these are so great for all ages and so much fun.
3. Kinetic Sand. Even I love playing with this stuff. 
5. Classic Lego's. Nothing beats this classic container of Lego's that gets kids to use their imaginations to create things.
6. Thomas The Train set. I love the versatility of these Thomas sets and how it gets the kid's imaginations going. 
7. "Drone." This looks seriously cool and is on my older nephew's Christmas list. I'm hoping to get a turn with it too. 
8. Easy Bake Oven. The mixes are gross, but the mixing and baking keeps the kids busy and they are so proud to do it all themselves.
9. Kids Table and Chairs. This is a must for toddlers for playing, coloring, and/or snack time. Kids love having something their size to use.
10. Infant Play Mat. Opt for something that's not too busy (a lot of lights or too much to look at) and simple or it can be too overwhelming for a baby (personal experience talking).
11. Jumperoo. Babies love these things.
Ideas for less than $100
1. American Girl dolls. Yes, we have hit this stage in my house. My 3 year old is receiving her first Bitty Baby from Santa this year.
3. Imaginext Castle. There have been some great battles fought with this castle and the knights.
4. Little Tikes Cook n Grow Kitchen. I love this kitchen because kids can start using it as soon as they can sit up and it grows with them. 
6. Rocking horse. For some reason I'm feeling nostalgia this season and wishing I had bought my kids one years ago.
7. Kindle. The kids love it and it's a great price.
8. Art Easel. We have two: a plastic one for our messy paintings (water balloon painting comes to mind right away) and a wooden one. Both are great and functional.
Ideas for $100+
1. Play house or play set. We gave the kids a new playhouse two years ago and then played with it indoors the rest of the winter. It saved my sanity that cooped up winter.
2. Ipod. My oldest asked for one, but I told him he needed to wait until he was 8. This buys me one more year without electronics on the Christmas list.
3. Barbie Dream House. I hated the price of this house, but it's played with daily so I can't complain too much about this overly priced piece of plastic.
4. Camping tent. Our kids are getting all new camping and hiking gear for our upcoming adventures in the new year. Of all of our Christmas purchases, this theme may be our most useful yet.
5. Concert tickets/season passes/etc. Check out your local science centers, museums, etc. for yearly memberships for a gift that lasts all year long. Also take a look at any plays, concerts, or events coming near you that your child(ren) would enjoy.