Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Family Fun And Dinner Nights

Our weekend wasn't jammed packed with activities like it is some weekends, but we still had our fun. Friday evening we went to Harrison's Family Fun Night at his school. 

I was busy helping out at stations, but Matt told me the kids liked "the really dark room" the best.

Glow in the dark water beads! I may have to try this sometime soon!
The kids were able to "write" on the walls. Max attempted to smash the water beads into the walls and made a huge mess. Matt made his grab a broom and clean it up.

Family outing selfie.

Matt took this picture so he could have evidence that I really do help out in a kitchen!

Saturday was a pretty laid back day since we were out late Friday night. Saturday evening we took the kids to dinner at The Tavern and to Barnes & Noble to buy new Easter books.

 Max pissed Elizabeth off (not hard to do).
 Elizabeth had issues sitting down and eating. Also not shocking.
And Max ate a ton. Again, not shocking.