Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week In Review: February 2 - February 6

Where, oh where to begin with our week? We upped our Valentine's theme by having something heart shaped for lunch every day. We did several fun crafts and watched a couple of Disney movies that some of the kids have never seen ("Cinderella" and "Aladdin"), but for the most part the kids created their own fun. They created treasure maps again (, built Lego's, and set up an entire Little People town in the front half of the room. Our week came to an abrupt halt when strep hit our house (yet again). Instead of having a busy daycare day, we spent our day at the pediatrician's office and napping (which I'm not complaining about). 

Take a look at our week:

Watching "Aladdin."
"You told us we couldn't be puppies anymore, so we're being horses instead." Always finding away around the rules. The good thing about playing horses: horses don't bite or scratch each other. Bad thing: they gallop and they attempt to gallop over each other. Horses was then banned as well.
Building a train track.

The Valentine's sensory table was a hit....after the kids added all of the play pots, pans, and spoons. It kept them entertained most of the week.

They used oil pastels to color hearts (and then draw their maps).
And paint.
We decorated cookies one afternoon. The kids did a great job with these.

Another sensory activity: snow cars. It had snowed 10+ inches last weekend, so instead of bundling everyone to go outside, we easily bring the snow in for playing. The kids wore gloves and played for a nice long time with the cars. As the snow began to melt, I had them hold the snow in their hands to feel it melting. We also ran it under hot water to see how fast it would melt under hot water. The kids were amazed by this and made some great observations: "It feels both warm and cold as it melts in my hand!" "This is how the ground feels when it gets warm outside, but the ground is still cold!"
Watching the snow plows out the window.
So, being with busy with kids day in and day out has made me scattered brained (like bad). I couldn't find my note pad anywhere, so I almost had to bring my 6 1/2 year old's "Ninja Turtles" notebook to a business meeting. Thankfully my husband saved me and found a note pad for me.
Foam stickers.
Conversation hearts heart. Best thing about this: the "glue" they used is completely edible.
Getting some energy out with a dance party.
We did a week (well, 4 days since our week got cut short) of heart shaped lunches. Heart shaped turkey sandwiches and grilled cheese (with carrots and mini sweet peppers) were the first two lunches.
Chicken and cheese quesadillas (with rice and corn).
Heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. I just used cookie cutters so there were lots of scraps left over. Hubs and I ate all of the scraps while the kids had fun stuffing their faces with hearts.

Pizza (with snap peas and pears).
Their fort.

Thursday night ended as usual: the kids in bed by 7:30 and me cleaning the house. Until 11 p.m. hit, then the sick kids began waking up. It was a long, tiring night and I did something I have not had to do in over a year: call of daycare for the next day. Luckily we got right into the pediatrician's office, everyone on meds, and resting asap. Thankfully we have Elizabeth around to keep everyone on their toes!

Next week we'll be doing a Valentine's themed snack every day, having our daycare Valentine's party, playing a new game (Cupid's Flying Arrow), and several of the kid's favorite sensory activities.