Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week In Review: February 9 - February 13

We packed a lot into this week! We painted, played dress up, made Valentine's snacks, played games, had our daycare Valentine's party, made chocolate covered Oreo's, and broke in the new window markers. Here's a brief look at our week:

Painted LOVE canvases (find some here: Canvas Panel 5X7 Pack Of 6 or Michael's has decent sales on their multi-pack canvases).

I brought up the dress up clothes/costumes. The kids had a blast dressing up all week long.
The rose cards the kid's made their parents.
The kids helped make strawberry muffins one day for snack.

Painted hearts usingPlaid 34106 10-Piece Spouncer Set
Signing Valentine's for friends.
Shaving cream paint hearts.
The kids got extra special treats twice for our Valentine's party: rice crispy treats and heart brownies!
Each child went around and passed out their Valentine's. I had them decorate their Valentine's bags the day before. Some kids painted their's, other's used crayons, and one used oil pastels.
A Lego tower that touched the ceiling. 
We made chocolate covered Oreo's. Since the kids had so much sugar the afternoon before, I had them eat fruit and veggie trays before I offered the Oreo' made me feel a little better about all of the sugar they'd consumed!

Elizabeth got a hold of my make up and put on eyebrows "just like you mom."
The kids did a great job making their Valentine's necklaces.
Each day this week, we made a special Valentine's themed snack: raspberry yogurt with raspberries on top, chocolate Cheerios with Valentine M & M's and strawberries, chocolate covered strawberries and bananas, Valentine's trail mix, and heart shaped pretzels.
I don't like the kids to watch a lot of TV while they're in my care, but I make exceptions. While I get lunch ready I let the kids watch a few minutes of TV and on Friday's the "big" kids like to watch a movie mid-morning. I haven't been too thrilled about what's on Netflix, so I ordered a few classics from Amazon (The Parent Trap Two-Movie Collection (The Parent Trap / The Parent Trap II,The Three Lives of Thomasina,That Darn Cat!,The Shaggy D.A./The Shaggy Dog) . Friday morning we watched "The Shaggy Dog" in black and white. At first I heard "there's something wrong with the TV!" but overall they enjoyed watching it.

Next week we'll be doing several sensory activities and wrapping up our winter time activities before we begin our Easter and spring activities, crafts, and games!