Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Easy Valentine Craft Ideas For Toddlers

Finding easy enough crafts just for toddlers can be tricky. If it's too hard, YOU end up doing the craft instead. Here are a few easy Valentine craft ideas that we've done this year that toddlers can do themselves with very little help:

Coloring heart popsicle sticks from Michael's Craft Stores. These make a cute decoration for indoor planters.
 Paper plate heart hats. You'll have to do the cutting (unless you have an extremely talented and coordinated toddler), but they can easily color or paint them. Tip: I recommend cutting once they've finished coloring or painting their plate.
 Chocolate paint hearts.
 Cookie cutter painting.
 Hand print hearts. Once again, you'll have to do the cutting for the hearts and any writing that's done on them. Use glue sticks so they can do the gluing themselves.
 Decorating Valentine cupcakes. Hit up Michael's foamies section (similar to this:Fibre Craft 35-Pack Foam Shapes, Daisies) and you'll find something Valentine's Day related. The kids may have trouble peeling the backs off of the foam stickers, so you can easily find other things to glue on (with glue sticks) the foam shapes.

Scrap paper hearts (using glue sticks to put on).
Oil pastels heart shapes.
Painted heart shapes.
Conversation hearts heart (using an edible glue).
Love canvases.
 Dot hearts (using Plaid 34106 10-Piece Spouncer Set or Do A Dot Art Marker Brilliant 6-pack).
Chocolate salt dough ornaments using cookie cutters for shapes.