Monday, February 9, 2015

Mommy and Sons And Daddy Daughter Date Nights

The Hubs and I don't do a lot for Valentine's Day. The past several few years we've made our own feast at home, treated the minis to gifts of new toys, and indulged in boxes of chocolate. This year we decided on something a little different: no gifts because no one needs anything and no chocolates because our oldest mini can't have them. Instead we decided on a Daddy Daughter Date Night and a Mommy and Sons Date Day to spend some special, quality time with our minis.

Originally we had planned a Mommy and Sons Date Day at Glazed Expressions ( and lunch at their fave BBQ place, but the boys being sick changed our plans. Instead we ordered pizza, watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 [Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD], and of course, had a dance party.

Meanwhile, Matt (the Hubs) and Elizabeth got dressed up and went for a nice dinner at Bravo! They had plans to attend a Daddy Daughter dance at the Science Center of Iowa, however that didn't last long. Looks like we'll be waiting a couple of years to try a Daddy Daughter dance again. To recap the night straight from the Hub's mouth "She had the most impressive burp I've ever heard from anyone in the middle of dinner, it was so lady like" (said with an eye roll and smirk on his face) "and we would have been better off going to Build-A-Bear than a dance." 

Naturally the night ended in tears.

Our night's may not have gone exactly as planned, but fun was had by all and we got our special Date Nights with the minis. Next weekend, we'll be attempting to take the minis with us to a nice Valentine's dinner at one of our fave local restaurants. We're holding our breath and hoping for another successful night!