Friday, February 13, 2015

Cupid's Arrow Game

I was looking for a game to play during our Valentine's celebration. I wasn't interest in what Pinterest had to offer because the games I found to play were very age specific. I needed something that a wide age range of kids would understand and enjoy. Last year we played Musical Numbers (, this year I came up with Cupid's Arrow (after some intense thinking, that is). It was a super simple game with a huge bonus: it gave the kids an excuse to throw something through the air.

The kids colored our bullseye and I made Cupid's arrow from empty toilet paper rolls, construction paper, foam hearts, and tape (lots of tape).

 Yes, even the cat got in on the fun.

This game is great for all ages, simple, easy to make (get the kids involved in the crafting of it!), and provided a lot of laughter!