Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend: Let's Celebrate!

This weekend we took some time to celebrate the hub's 33rd birthday. He actually turns 33 next Saturday, but we'll be out of town (hooray for a last minute end of summer vacation!) so we celebrated with family this weekend.

Hub's had to work Saturday, so the mini's and I "relaxed" at home. Looks like everyone is excited about our upcoming getaway because the minis played "going on vacation" all weekend long.
This was their car.
Laundry was my activity for the day.
After Matt was done working, we were in birthday celebration mode with Confluence beer, homemade tacos, and pies. The minis had fun showing off for family, taking puppy Jack on a walk, and playing the piano.

I spent the rest of my Saturday night working on my children's book. I refuse to send it in until I'm completely happy with all of my revisions. The writing portion of the book was a cinch compared to the revising process.

It's also been extremely hot and muggy-we've been spoiled this summer so the heat and humidity is somewhat shocking when we've been enjoying 80's all summer long. All of the public pools closed last weekend, so we took the kids to Ashby Wading Pool at Ashby Park on Sunday. The kids had a blast cooling off, I sweated my ass off from the sidelines watching my kids, and Max saw a friend from school there and was busy showing off his newly acquired swimming skills.

I stayed up a tad too late on Saturday working on my book, so while I lounged on the couch after breakfast (doing more writing of course), the minis played vacation.

They sure know how to pack for a road trip: an empty princess costume box, stuffed animals, 13 blankets, random shoes (none of which matched), pillows, a shovel, and one comforter.
We finally made it to the wading pool where the boys found the deepest water they could and attempted to do their swimming strokes they learned at lessons this summer. Max was happy to show off his moves for his classmate who we ran into.

Elizabeth practiced dunking her face and holding her breath.
They played a game called shark chase.
It took her all summer, but she was finally brave enough to sit in the water and dunk her head! She'll be all ready for the Dells next summer!

Elizabeth needed dad's help and encouragement the first time through but did it all herself after that!
She even tried (unsuccessfully) to swim like her brother's. Please note the depth of water she's in! I tried not to laugh as she so proudly showed off her swimming skills.
After the pool, we celebrated Matt's birthday at home. We made one of his faves: grilled pork chops, mashed potatoes, and snap peas and extra chocolately brownies topped with raspberries and chocolate syrup.

I can hardly wait for next weekend to get here: a 3 day weekend away to Minneapolis, MN. I haven't been to Minnesota in years and quite looking forward to going to the places I remember going as a kid. I'm anxious to see how this trip goes, as this will affect where we decided to spend spring break and next summer's vacation!