Saturday, August 23, 2014

Berenstain Bears Day

I've been quite the lucky daycare provider this week with happy kids who just want to play (all of my activities have been saved for next week) and read books. Being someone who loves to read, I was happy to comply with hour long reading times each day. One day I pulled out a Berenstain Bears book and the kids responded "I love that book!" "Can we read another?" So I decided to devout an entire day to Berenstain Bears books and activities.

The kids liked the activities, but enjoyed the hour long reading time and spent most of the day flipping through the books and "reading" them to each other.

Our stack of Berenstain Bears books we read. Most of these were mine when I was a kid.

I told the kids color the Bear's tree house. These wooden shapes can be found at Michael's for .29 a piece.

During morning snack of yogurt and carrots, we read "The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food." After we finished the book, we talked about what was healthy for us and what wasn't. "Are carrots good for our bodies?" All of the kids answered "yes!" However, when we got to "is candy good for you?" they responded "well, it tastes good!"

The kids decorated bear masks and wore them while we read stories, watched a Berenstain Bears movie, and had some fun re-enacting several of the books. At one point there were four Sister Bears around!

The DVD the kids watched. It was silent in the house while this was on!

Of course the kids got a few Gummi Bears while watching the Berenstain Bears movie.

We had an hour long story time, reading the entire stack of Berenstain Bears books. After naps, the kids flipped through the books, looked at the pictures, and "read" the books to each other.

I had said earlier this week that theme days were pretty much done until next summer, but the kids have been so into reading this week that I wanted to do a theme day to go along with our books. Next week we'll be doing a Dr. Seuss Day which will include a few Dr. Seuss activities and green eggs and ham for lunch!