Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Rules of Being The Tooth Fairy

I'm about to become the tooth fairy for the very first time. Our oldest's front bottom tooth is hanging by a thread. I can't bring myself to yank it out, in fact I gag every time he has me wiggle it. All gagging aside, I'm actually quite relieved that his tooth is loose. We discovered this weekend that his adult teeth were growing in way behind his baby teeth, which has left me paranoid we're going to have to afford braces in several short years.

He has spent the day wiggling his tooth every which way. He will only eat soft food and refused carrots (his favorite food). I had to remind him at bedtime NOT to wiggle his tooth and not to swallow anything in the middle of the night. As I closed his bedroom door tonight, I breathed a sigh of relief that I would not be the tooth fairy tonight.

I'm new to these tooth fairy rules. I know every parent does it differently. Some parents tell an entire story surrounding the tooth fairy. Some give $5, $1, a quarter, a toy. I know one parent who gave her child $20, but that will not be a mistake I will be making in the dark. I remember when I was little, I had a little tooth pillow I put near my pillow at night. In the center of this pillow was a tiny little pocket that held my tooth. In the morning I'd wake up to find money shoved in this little pocket. It made pulling out that little tooth completely worth it.

I've only got another twenty four (maybe forty eight if I'm lucky) to decide how I'm going to be the tooth fairy. Part of me is beyond sadden to be reaching this point in my child's life. Wasn't he just eighteen months old, telling me "fucking no mommy!"???!!? (This is another story for another time). Another part of me is beyond excited to take on another role in my child's life and watch his joy in this 'becoming a big kid' experience. Either way.....I've got a minimum of twenty four hours to decide!!

So I ask, how does the tooth fairy work in your house? Or what are you planning when your children lose their first tooth?

Lastly.....how have I not thought about this before now!!!???!!