Monday, August 4, 2014

Week In Review: July - August 1

A busy, fun daycare week! Take a look:

Monday was Princess Day. Read about our day here:
Princess Day had an effect on my two year old, who insisted on wearing a party dress after naps. She attempted twirling (it's a non-twirly type dress) and eating yogurt in her dress. Screaming ensued after she spilled yogurt on "my dress! Oh no! My dress! No pretty no more." She's. Such. A. Girl.

Tuesday was Superhero Day. Read more here:
Wednesday the kids did a toy wash. Clean toys, happy, entertained kids. Everybody won with this day! Read details here:
Wednesday night the hubs and I took the kids to the National Balloon Classic. It was a great evening. Read more here:
Thursday we took the Little People Zoo outside and put safari animal in the sandbox. The kids had a great morning playing with all of the animal figurines and being animals.

The kids had their own game going on that involved being animals, chasing, and going to school.
Sidewalk chalk on the patio.
Storytime outside.
The kids colored masks. They were suppose to be masks for Superhero Day, but the kids didn't want to color them (they had too much fun running around in their Superhero costumes all day). So instead the kids colored them as animal masks. They all got destroyed within minutes due to what I was told was "lion fighting."
We've been reading Hunger Games for storytime......just kidding! Seriously, how cute does she look with her bow and arrow??!!?

The kids did a Lemonade Stand for each other. Read more about the sticky day here:
Grandma and Grandpa Harmeyer took the kids school supply, underwear, and sock shopping Friday morning. Lil Miss E is quite proud that she is wearing underwear now and proudly shows off her new "Frozen" (or "Fro Fro") undies!

Next week we'll be easing into our school schedule so the kids don't go into shock when school starts and EVERYTHING is different.  We'll also be scrambling to fit in all of the activities we're running out of time to do this summer!