Friday, August 15, 2014

Monster Feet

I've been saving tissue boxes since the end of winter for our Monster Feet activity. I got the idea watching the kids play "monster chase" ALL last winter. One day they asked for monster costumes, so I instantly thought of using tissue boxes for their monster feet.....I just needed to save them up! Not only did it take a while to save the boxes up, but it was rather time consuming to wrap them in construction paper, have the kids paint them, let them dry, and then it was finally play time!

Wrapping the boxes in construction paper took a couple of hours.

The kids decided on the colors of boxes they wanted and then spent an hour painting them.
The cat had to help too.
And Elizabeth painted herself.
Luckily we had a sunny, mild day so we were able to set out the monster feet to dry. They dried in just a few hours despite the gobs of paint on the boxes. Then we took them in the backyard and the monsters appeared!

The kids were disappointed these didn't fit as well as their shoes and complained "my feet are sliding around!" But overall they enjoyed their monster feet.....and asked for masks next time as well!