Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dr. Seuss Day

The daycare enjoyed a Dr. Seuss Day this week, complete with Dr. Seuss books, toys, puzzles, games, crafts and colorings, and green eggs and ham for lunch! Their favorite part of the day was eating their green eggs and ham while I read the book to them. I was surprised that almost all of the kids loved their green eggs (I don't think I would have touched those as a toddler!). Once again, we had an hour long storytime; reading all of the Dr. Seuss books in the house.

We started our day with blue (although it looks green in the picture, I promise it's blue) and red pancake muffins dipped in syrup. My oldest decided the pancakes should be "blue and red...because those are definitely Dr. Seuss colors."

The kids colored Cat in the Hat hats (drawn by your truly).

Just a few of the books we read during lunch and before naps.

The kids got a treat of Swedish Fish after we read "One Fish Two Fish" and got to watch "The Cat In The Hat" cartoon on PBS.
We also played number and color games after reading "One Fish Two Fish." It was a great color review for kids, we went over the numbers on each fish, and they played a matching game: first with numbers and then with the colors. The kids did great with these games and attempted to recite the book while we played.
Dr. Seuss stickers (found at Michael's). The older kids had a great time trying to spell out words with the Dr. Seuss letter stickers.

I have yet to decided what our next theme day will be, but I've gotten many requests for another book theme day. Looks like I'll be spending some time in the children's book store checking out new book series!