Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Letter Games

With a new school year just around the corner, I've been trying to do some basic reviews of numbers and letters with all of the kids. The big kids have been working hard on addition, subtraction, counting money, and telling time in their workbooks. A few of the kids have been working on completely memorizing their letters and their sounds. Others have been learning their letters and numbers with singing and counting. Today, I brought all of the kid's reviews together for a few letter games.

First I had the kids start by coloring the letters of the alphabet. This was a big deal because they got to use brand new oil pastels (thanks Target for the awesome deal).

After the letters were decorated, we played games.

First we did a basic quiz game. The two older kids held up the letters and the first kid with the correct letter name got their winning letter. When all of the letters had been quizzed, the kid with the most letters won the game.

The second game that was played was a letter match up. The kids laid out all of the decorated letters and had plain letters in their hands. They had to match the plain letters up to the decorated letters. This game did not go over so well because most of the kids thought another kid was taking their letters (toddler/preschool issues). I will keep that in mind for the next match up game we attempt to play.

The third game that was played was a letter sounds game. Much like the quiz game, the big kids held up the letters and the kids all said their sounds together. The kids thoroughly enjoyed shouting the sounds.

The fourth game that was played was a Letter Walk. The kids sang the alphabet as they walked. When I yelled "stop!" they stopped singing and stopped on the letter closest to them. I then drew a letter out of the hat. Whoever was on the letter that was called out won the round.

I couldn't get the kids on board with watching Leap Frog's "Letter Factory" again (I was met with "but we already watched it this week!!"). Overall, the kids enjoyed the games. Their favorite part of the games were the prizes: Spiderman tattoos they got to take home with them.