Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Dirtiest Kids in America?

We're going to play a game. It's entitled "Who Has The Dirtiest Kids In America?" Who wins the game with very little competition??? The Sheaffer Kids (or so it seems). I had to clean the inside of my washing machine for the second time in a month. I never even knew this was something I had to do until I noticed a disgusting ring around the top of our washer tub.

What is this beyond gross crap that sits with our apparent clean clothes? After a half hour of scrubbing, it seems it's a build up of dirt, paint, and glue.....I didn't even know my children have been using glue!

This shouldn't be a surprise to me (but it still was. A disgusting dirty little surprise inside of my washer...I can't say gross enough!). My kids love to get dirty. They're the kids running barefoot through the yard....and the neighbor's yard.....and on the sidewalk. I pretty much have to bribe them to wear shoes when we go out of the house. If they paint, at least half of it winds up on their clothes, some way some how. I'm pretty sure it's their mission. My two year old has painted her clothes instead of her paper MANY times. Think the washer was bad? Check out the bath tub:

It's the nightly ring of dirt around the bath tub. Every night I scrub this ring clean and every evening after baths/showers there's the ring. Back again. How do my kids acquire so much nastiness during the day??? No wonder I feel like I spend my days cleaning because I DO spend my days cleaning my dirty kids.

Are other people's kids this dirty every day? If so, why have we not discussed this in any of my mommy groups? Or do my kids really win the dirtiest kids in America game??