Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Day of Rest

July 5th was a resting day for us. A scheduled resting day. Some of you may remember our Spring/Summer 2014 To Do List (see post here: ). Our oldest added '5th of July resting' to the list and we've planned our day of rest ever since then. A day of rest is NOT common in our house with 3 energetic minis running around and a mommy (that would be me) who doesn't get out much. Our days off are usually our busiest, but most fun days. Despite just sticking around home and taking a quick trip to Super Target, we had a much needed resting day.

Breakfast and cartoons in the living room. Our morning started several hours later than usual thanks to a very busy and fun 4th of July. We spent our morning (and most of the afternoon) in our jammies watching movies. First up was "Snow White." The hubs and the minis have never seen this movie and it has been years since I've seen it. I love a good Disney movie on a lazy day.
Also on the list: "Daddy Day Care." I have never identified with a movie so closely. Max watched it with me and laughed right along with me too. During naps, hubs and I watching the "Veronica Mars" movie. Despite never having seen the t.v. show, the movie was entertaining and enjoyable.

Cuddles for "Dada" and Elizabeth.
Max watching "Snow White." The younger two minis lost interest in the movie fairly quickly and ran off to play.
They've been told not to do this countless times, which is why they're not looking at me when I asked them to smile for the camera.
I took the time to brush the cat's fur.....a half hour of my life I'll never get back because it didn't make a difference at all.
After naps, we all got out of our jammies and went to Target. First we started at Starbucks for a coffee date, then we made our way through Target for our pointless shopping trip. Now I remember why we should never just go to Target just for fun.....$118 we made our way home with new clothes, toys, treats, food for an entirely new and unplanned dinner menu, crafts, and beer. Damn you Target!
Elizabeth (2 years old) is at a tough stage: she doesn't want to ride in the cart, doesn't want to be carried, doesn't want to hold hands, but wants to walk by herself. To avoid another runaway incident like last weekend (see post: for details on our little runaway), we had her hang onto the back of the cart as we shopped. I suddenly remembered this stage with both of the boys and am left wondering, how did she get so big so quickly???
We're making progress on our Spring/Summer 2014 To Do List. We missed the Urbandale 4th of July carnival (we'll add it onto next year's To Do List), but so far we've gotten to everything on the list on time and have had an excellent time completing our list.

Hats off to our oldest little buddy for his idea of a "5th of July resting" Our day of rest was much needed since it seems we've been constantly going all spring and summer. Although our day of rest only seemed to make us more anxious for a super fun Sunday Family Fun Day.