Thursday, July 31, 2014

Princess Day

All of the little girls let out squeals when I announced our Princess Day theme at daycare. Everything was pink and purple, complete with Disney music to dance to and princess dresses to twirl in. The boys went along with our girlie day, even partaking in the tutu wearing and princess dancing.

Pink and purple layered pancake muffins, complete with strawberry syrup for dipping.
Elizabeth's Little People Princess collection made it's way outside.
Even princess dolls made their way outside. Max was a good sport and helped Elizabeth's Cinderella doll enjoy the teeter totter (there was a minor freak out when Elizabeth found Cinderella couldn't hold onto the handles herself, so big bro came to the rescue).
There was even a Princess picnic that the boys set up.
Princess Cupcake, minus the Snow White and Jasmine figurines.....I failed to take a picture when the cupcake were actually complete. The kids dove into the cupcakes too quickly for me to snap more photos!
YouTube and Pandora provided the kid's Disney music to dance to. The kids turned the music into a game, seeing who could name the Disney song first. Dancing to Disney music and naming the song took up most of their morning.
All of the little Princesses dancing and twirling.

So, one boy was NOT amused by Princess Day. He was anxiously awaiting Superhero Day!
The kids watched part of "Beauty and the Beast" while wearing their Princess crowns they made (using paper plates and markers).
Our Princess lunch: pink and purple Princess pasta, spinach, carrots, and watermelon.
Princess Play Doh. Okay, so it's just the regular Play Doh stuff plus two Disney Princess cookie cutters, which made this Princess Play Doh to the kids. On a side note: Play Doh outside=very messy!! All of the Play Doh had to be thrown out afterwards because every time it was dropped on the ground (which was frequently) it picked up grass, dirt, sand, and bugs.
Playing Princess Play Doh in the sprinkling rain.

It should be of no surprise that all of the little girls asked for another Princess Day soon!