Sunday, July 27, 2014

Field Day #3

Our Field Day's this summer have been such a success that this past week the kids took part in their third Field Day! We brought back two favorites (bag races and slip n' slide races), tried a few new races, and played a game. A great morning was had by all and snoring was a big part of the afternoon.

The kids were super excited to shoot with the bow and arrow (not a real arrow for those concerned). When I told them the day before about shooting with the bow and arrow, their response was "finally! We've been waiting all summer for that!" The bow and arrow proved very difficult for them (Max was the only one who could figure it out), but they still had a great time trying.
The kids saw a bunny in the yard, stopped their race, and chased the bunny around the backyard. Max got the bow and arrow all ready "to catch that bunny!"
Matt showed the kids how to use the ribbon was extra special. The kids had a great time taking turns (each turn was 5 minutes long) and dancing around with the ribbon.

I got this from Target a few weeks ago for 75% off. This was an easy game for the kids to figure out, although I did have to go over safety rules of the game several times so no one got hurt with the golf balls.

The kids LOVE bag races. These took up at least a half hour of our morning. Elizabeth got to do bag races for the first time and got some help from mom (that'd be me).

She was all smiles and giggles as she raced.
Lawn mower races. Once again I used a jump rope to indicate the finish line.
The first ever cozy coupe race! The kids took turn pushing each other in the cozy coupes while running their fastest. I had to stay at the finish line and help stop the cars before the cars (and the kids in them) went into the swing set. The kids informed me this was one of their favorite races.
It may not be a race, but the kids colored the driveway with water sidewalk chalk. I filled a cup with water and the kids dipped their sidewalk chalk into the water. They liked how bright the chalk was. This kept the kids busy while they waited their turn for the slip n' slide races.

The kids had duel races and shaving cream slide races. We did the slip n' slide in the front yard this time around since the backyard is still recovering from the first time the kids did the slip n' slide. I required the hubs help with this activity since we did it in the front yard, but the kids did a great job of not running out into the street (my biggest fear) and following directions.

Elizabeth was not thrilled with the shaving cream slide!

The kids had such a busy morning running around and sliding in the water that they crashed for naps. I giggled to myself when I heard them snoring over the monitor and went in to find them crashed out on their cots with drool hanging out of their mouths! I think that's a pretty good indication of a successful morning!