Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July Spectatcular

We had a wonderful day celebrating America's independence. We had cook outs, naps, and a wonderful evening in the Iowa countryside. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day with people we love.

Independence Eve was spent camping out in the backyard (read details here: The kids woke up and spent the morning in the backyard playing.
Star shaped pancakes for breakfast. We wanted to try out grilled pancakes but the kids were too hungry.
Somehow a shoe wound up on the top of the swing set.

Roller skating in the living room....perfectly normal.
Star shaped watermelon to go along with our grilled hot dogs and pasta salad for lunch.
Lunch outside on the patio.
After some nice long naps, we were off to Cumming, Ia to celebrate the 4th with our Murillo side of the family. It was a fantastic night and one of our best Independence Day's yet!
The kids saw a bunny and got distracted from picture taking.

The kids LOVE the slip n slide at Aunt Cathy's and Uncle John's because it's on a hill.

Elizabeth does not like the slip n slide as much as the boys!

Warming up after doing the slip n slide for an hour.

Playing at the neighbor's house.
Watching baseball.
Another round of the slip n slip after dinner and squirt gun fight....which was mainly trying to shoot us all up on the deck with cold water.

The yummy jello poke flag cake that Elizabeth devoured.

Almost time for fireworks! We were surrounded by fireworks. There were several neighbors setting off awesome displays that we had front row seats for and we could see Norwalk and WDM's fireworks displays. Elizabeth was tired and spent the rest of the night laying on "gup gup" (aka-Grandpa) while the boys got their second wind watching all of the fireworks.

Eating an after fireworks snack at 10:15 p.m. Perfect time to eat another helping of grilled chicken and watermelon!

My kids went to bed the latest they ever have and still talking excitedly about our great night. This was Elizabeth's first year of seeing fireworks (and only the boy's 2nd). Usually my kids are beyond tired and conk out well before fireworks time. We are definitely making this our regular 4th of July routine.

There's always so much going on around Des Moines on the 4th of July. I loved seeing everyone's various festivities via Facebook. I'm interested: how did you spend your Independence Day? How do your kids do with all of the 4th of July celebrations?