Thursday, July 3, 2014

Independence Day Celebration

Wednesday was daycare's Independence Day Celebration. We did everything 4th of July themed: snacks, picnic lunch, sparklers, crafts, and playing. Unfortunately it was quite the breezy and chilly day, so our sparklers and snakes didn't stay lit for long, the backyard decorations blew away, and the picnic was moved into the living room because the kids were cold, otherwise the kids loved having their own Independence Day party a couple of days early.
The decorations along the fence blew off rather quickly the game center blew across the yard. Luckily we found a spot next to the air conditioner so it was blocked by the wind and the kids spent a good part of the morning enjoying the game station.
The swing set had some red, white, and blue decorations as well.
The kids colored flags, did stickers, painted stars, and did some patio painting.

The patio is now covered in red, white, and blue paint.

Morning snack: 4th of July fruit salad (blueberries, strawberries, and bananas) and a sugar cookie (leftover from our Cookie Day. Read more on that here:
Morning snack on the patio. The kids were suppose to be enjoying a sparkler show while they ate, but it was too windy. I stuck the sparklers in the ground (I didn't want anyone to get burned so we played it safe) and thought I could easily light a group of sparklers. I managed to get a few lit, however the wind made lighting the sparklers nearly impossible. The kids were still happy with the few I did get lit.

Playing on the swing set "waiting for the fireworks." The kids pretended it was the 4th of July fireworks at the park. I'm always amazed by their imaginations and how they relate to real life.

Watching the snakes. I did get a few of these lit as well and the kids loved them! They were bummed we couldn't do more. The kids liked feeling the ashes (or "snake skinny" as the kids called it) after they were cool.
I had planned for a 4th of July picnic outside in the backyard, but the kids were chilly (not even 70 degrees on July 2nd!! I'm pretty sure that's unheard of for Iowa!) so I brought the picnic into the living room.

The kids had fun with our Independence Day celebration in the backyard despite the chilly, cloudy day. We'll hope for a bit warmer temps for the actual 4th of July celebrations!