Saturday, July 19, 2014

Movie Day

The five of us (hubs, myself, and the 3 minis) spent a recent Friday night at Movie In The Park at Colby Park. As the movie started, one of the first things the kids asked was if we could do this at home. Of course, Tuesday afternoon the kids got their request fulfilled. It was a gorgeous, cool day and the perfect afternoon for laying out blankets and pillows and watching a movie.

But first the kids needed to get out some energy:

Just over two hours playing, jumping, running, somersaulting, and flipping out of the bounce house made for some worn out kiddos....and yes, I did mean to put flipping out of the bounce house. No injuries, but Harrison got a mouthful of grass that needed picked out of his teeth!

Picnic lunch on the daycare picnic blanket they decorated earlier this summer.
The kids colored popcorn to go along with our movie theme for the day. I found the Mr. Sketch Movie Night markers at Walmart.

Finally it was movie time! These exhausted kiddos watched "The Lego Movie" while eating popcorn and M & M's. A few of the kids were so exhausted that they didn't get too far into the movie before they started to fall asleep outside and came inside for naps.

The kids absolutely loved this even though they couldn't see the screen very well (the sun started to come out just as the movie started). I'm keeping this in mind for a cool fall evening one weekend for us to do as a family. Definitely a huge hit with all of the kids!