Thursday, July 31, 2014

Superhero Day

The girls had Princess Day on Monday and on Tuesday the boys got their Superhero Day! All of the kids loved Superhero Day because they dressed up in costumes and ran around the backyard. All. Day. Long.

My little Superheroes. Elizabeth (who was miffed when I didn't buy her a Ninja Turtles t-shirt like her brother's) sported one of H's t-shirt. Since it was 4 sizes too big, she wore it as "a turtle dress." H sported numerous superhero t-shirts (one benefit of being the middle brother: tons of hand me downs and new shirts to choose from) throughout the day. His first choice was Superman, then Avengers, the Ninja Turtles, then Iron Man. Yay for extra laundry.....

The kids set up all of the superhero figurines for "a great battle between good and evil." Their imaginations were in overdrive during this theme day!
The kid's favorite part of the day: dressing up like superheroes and running around the backyard, fighting each other, "shooting," playing prisoner, and practicing their ninja moves.

The tree house become "the house of Asgard" as they re-enacted Avengers.
The Superhero cake didn't turn out anything like I had planned, but the kids didn't mind one bit.
Little superheroes eating their cake that left them with blue lips and mouths....which created a whole new scenario for them to act out.

The kids worked up a super appetite running around the backyard for a few hours. They enjoyed a Superhero picnic lunch on a superhero sheet while watching "The Avengers."
After naps, the kids were eager to put on the superhero costumes again, but first they made their own superhero masks. I helped the older kids cut them out from paper plates. The kids enjoyed these but were destroyed within minutes of their superhero play time.

I have been asked to "redo" Princess and Superhero Days this winter because the kids had such a blast dressing up in costumes. Instead, I'm planning on doing costume days during the month of October. This should spark their imaginations even more with all of the different costumes we have to choose from!