Friday, January 31, 2020

Snowshoeing Weekend

Sure I ended up being sick most of the weekend, but I did get to scratch off two things on my Must Do List on Sunday (even while I was sick). Let's start with Friday. Friday was crazy in general: a busy daycare day followed by running a tad stressful event. The night ended with a few of us at a bar, with me in my pajamas (the event was a Family PJ Party....I clearly didn't worry about changing clothes). Saturday I was not feeling well, which I assumed was the effects of my Friday night fun, but it was really me being sick. Actually sick. Luckily, I have a pretty cool partner who took the minis to birthday parties and Game Day in Merle Hay Mall. I pulled it together to make dinner and then go back to bed.

Sunday was the real thriller. I tried a cherry white chocolate mocha from Twisted Bean, a coffee shop I've been meaning to try for months! From there we went snowshoeing for the very first time. The minis were less than thrilled about it, as they would have rather stayed home and played in the snow, but they wound up having a great time. After that adventure I was done for. I made a date with my bed from Sunday afternoon until Monday afternoon. You could say I went with the theory, "sleep your illness away."

After being indoors on Saturday for their fun, the minis begged to go play outside. They spent nearly three hours sledding at the elementary school, having snowball fights, and building a fort. I love how 35 degrees is warm in January! Of course, when they got home, their winter gear exploded all over their bathroom....and I didn't feel good enough to clean it all up. I have no idea how they managed to use the toilet, shower, and brush their teeth, but they did it. Without picking up their things. I'm not sure if this is a head smack or a talent.

Before snowshoeing, the minis spent their morning sledding on the hills near our house. They came in for a bit to get ready to go. The above picture captures the weirdness of our home. The youngest is arguing with me about changing into dry clothes, the oldest is changing in front of everyone as he offers his opinions on everything, and the middle one is eating the leftover scrambled eggs right out of the pot while he ignores the rest of us. Nothing about this picture surprises me, but I do find it entertaining!

The folks at Jester Park Outdoor Recreation building are extremely helpful! They got all five of us into the snowshoes with ease and on our way quickly. We did the short pond trail near the nature center. That alone took us about an hour. We'd easily need an entire day to do our favorite longer trail (which was initially our goal). A real highlight for the minis was walking on the frozen pond in their snowshoes.

It took them a bit to figure out how to walk in their snowshoes without stepping on them and falling over!

The kids thought it was all fun and games throwing snowballs until Dad threw back.

We stumbled upon this cool fort and let the kids play for a bit.

The looks of middle school anguish. He was mad we weren't doing what he wanted to do on this Sunday afternoon and legit cried about it. He also gave me permission to post these photos because after his little 'tude was done, he was able to laugh at these pictures. At least he doesn't always take himself too seriously.

Monday afternoon: soup and no talking because my throat hurt too much. 

It was my goal to fit in snowshoeing this busy winter and I'm so glad we got to try it out! I definitely think snowshoes will be going on next year's Christmas list so we can go whenever we'd like rather than have to rent them. Next year I'd like for us to give cross country skiing a try!