Monday, February 3, 2020

Free Play Daycare Week

My week may have began with me being sick and thus taking a sick day, but we had loads of fun the rest of our four days at daycare. We celebrated a birthday with decorate your own vegan chocolate cupcakes, had a free day mid-week, Thursday was spent watching Disney shorts, dancing to Disney music, waterbead painting, cuddling, and playing hide and seek, and Friday wound up being another free day because everyone was playing together nicely. A lot of the kids like to pair up with another friend, so when I find them playing all together in a big group, using their words, and working together, I like to sit back and let them play because they're learning some big lessons that way: talking to each other, problem solving, sharing. It's amazing when they do it all on their own.

Here's a few pictures from our week:

My soup seemed to help on Monday afternoon. I wound up sleeping Sunday afternoon until Monday afternoon.

Tip: most Duncan Hines cake mixes and frostings are vegan and taste amazing! 

Kids get up out of seat and I find chewed up food directly under them. They haven't moved once. How does this happen?? What kind of magic do they know??!? I'm always perplexed as to how they manage this.

Water bead painting is just like marble painting, but with water beads because we had them on hand. The kids had a blast with this for the most part. They really didn't like touching the water beads with paint on them!

Elizabeth had to get in on the painting after school. 

The highlight sensory bin for the week was Instasnow. I stuck the woodland creatures in the snow, but the kids instantly added play kitchen items to the bin too. One day I took the animals out to wash them and the kids asked for them to be put back in. Somehow the woodland creatures and plates went together well because they happily played with this combo all week long.

Sleepy kid snuggles are the best. I got a lot of those last week.

This always gets me. When the kids play behind the diner I can only see the tops of their heads and hear their little voices talk to one another. 

Some of our favorite books from the week/month: There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow, The Snowy Nap, and Snowmen At Night. These were the three books we read the most in January....and I'm really excited to start the next theme so I can read some new books!

Now that it's February, our Valentine's theme begins!