Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Gala Weekend

I'm so happy I made time to spend with the minis the weekend before (read about that fun here) because this weekend was completely taken up with Gala festivities followed by packing for travel week on Sunday. I honestly couldn't have asked for an easier weekend though! The Gala was wonderful and went off without a hitch, the minis got to attend a family birthday party while we prepped for the Gala, and packing went relatively smooth considering I was once again packing for five people to be in different places....that has become one of my least favorite things in life. A big bonus to the weekend: gorgeous, warm temps! We aired the house out a bit to help get rid of the influenza bug that hit our house. All in all, great, busy weekend.

Movies and cuddling on the couch.

Saturday afternoon was spent setting up for the Gala at Decades Event Center. Even though the minis weren't with me, signs of them were everywhere. I glanced at a centerpiece I was putting together and realized a few of the pictures had the minis in them! Fun, happy memories.

Last year's Gala was amazing, but stressful. It was the first Gala many of us had thrown, after all. As I looked at our silent auction tables and viewed our program, I was filled with so much pride and feelings of success.

Meanwhile, the minis were at Colby Park partying it up and playing. Nothing better on a late winter, spring-like day.

My awesome sister, also known as Aunt Jenny, who took the minis for the weekend.

This little face looks so old here. This little face also came down with influenza 24 hours after this picture was taken.

And then all night at the Gala (I snuck an hour nap in between setting up and call time). Also, I gave a speech. Kinda. It was a quick rundown of what was going to happen that night. 

It was a late night (or rather, late night these days), but we managed to wake up, pick up groceries, and grill lunch. That was the extent I got to enjoy the weather because my day was spent with laundry, packing, more laundry, packing, and more of the same. Also, a nap.

I got a couple of new signs from the silent auction. They were hung immediately because they are absolutely perfect for our house.

And....mostly semi-packed by Sunday evening! Huge win!! Plus, laundry was caught up so those are actually clean clothes in those bags. Winning.