Thursday, February 6, 2020

14 Favorite Things From Caucus Week


Best King Cake ever!!

I've been spending money right and left these days (yikes!), but as a result, I have A LOT of favorite things lately. Things that have made me excited, brought me happiness, soothed my throat and cough during the latest round of illness, and products that I'm enjoying. No paid advertising here, I promise. These are all things I've spent my own money on.

1.) Influenza season is here. I read about a tea from Starbucks nicknamed "the medicine ball." Let me tell you, the honey citrus mint tea does actually help! I mean, I've been downing Vitamin C like crazy, but this tea is incredibly soothing.

2.) Now that we've been to NOLA during carnival season, I'm really missing it this year. There's nothing like celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but I was thrilled to find a way to bring a bit of it here to Iowa for our celebration on the 25th. I pre-ordered our favorite King cake from Rouses Market and snagged some Cafe du Monde beignet mix. Now to get my gumbo game on track and we'll be set. I will note, that I paid a ridiculous amount for the King Cake, but I swear it will be so worth it.

3.) We tried out snowshoeing a couple of weeks ago and had a blast! The minis weren't thrilled about it at first, but afterwards they asked when we could go again. I call that a win! We rented snowshoes from Jester Park with great success. They were incredibly knowledgable and helpful in getting us all ready to go. 

4.) My oldest requested a special caucus shirt (it's a thing in our house), so off to Raygun we went. Not only are there great selections of caucus shirts, but funny as hell political shirts as well. These are a must no matter where you're from.

5.) As usual, I still love writing and watching TV (at the same time). Netflix's Sex Education season 2 and the nature documentary Night On Earth were great. I actually sat down and watched the movie Harriet. I think I may have my minis watch this as well.

6.) I know I've shared my love of local restaurant Mac Shack before, but I'm re-sharing the love. Located in Valley West Mall, it's served as a fun place to grab a drink after stressful meetings or events or celebrating after being at the Children's Museum. After the PJ Party at the Museum, I treated myself to their wonderful cherry mules. I've also been known to order from Mac Shack on Grubhub if I have a busy day or night. It's become my new go-to restaurant.

7.) With a couple of trips to the mountains in my near future, I needed a pair of hiking pants. These are super comfy so I'm really hoping they hold up in my adventures. I also received this fun sweatshirt as an early birthday gift. Love, love, love!

8.) The boys needed new hair gel, Elizabeth wanted a new hair gel for her getting-wavier-by-the-day hair. I picked up Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Hair Gel and it turns out it's perfect for all three minis. Sure it smells great, but it doesn't leave anyone's hair hard and sticky (a pet peeve from the last styling product the boys tried out). I'm going to guess this is going to become a regular buy for us.

9.) Spring break requires new swim wear for all of us! I love Old Navy's choices for boys and girls, while my go-to is Target. I love these swim tops for myself. After feeding three kids, this top helps keep things looking perky-ish while at the beach.

10.) Kayak has been a lifesaver for finding the cheapest flights for all of my travels the next four months. Yes, four vacays in the next four months. Seven flights and two road trips. We'll see how much I like traveling after May!

11.) I loved everything about this year's Superbowl. The game was great and kept us guessing until the last minute and a half, the halftime show was spectacular (50 looks amazing on those women and they should proudly show that shit off!), and the Chief won! I wish all Superbowls were as entertaining.

12.) My mom gifted me a candle from Target and it is amazing! I haven't bought candles from Target in years, but I may have to start. Not only do they smell great and have a strong, but not overpowering scent, but they last awhile too. I tend to burn smelly candles all day every day, so long lasting candles are key.

13.) As I mentioned above, many fun adventures ahead! I decided I needed some travel jewelry. This 'adventure awaits' bracelet can go with just about everything.

14.) Sure the results of the Iowa Caucuses were an absolute mess, the media is having a hayday with Iowa right now, and the candidates in general are frustrated with Iowa, but still...I love the caucuses. Our precicnt was run great and went incredibly smoothly for such a large turnout.