Sunday, February 16, 2020

No Plans Weekend

Sometimes it's nice to not have plans. Our next month and half is crazy, so I really wanted (and got) a weekend relaxing and enjoying the minis. Our big adventures were grocery shopping at Trader Joe's (read about that here) and letting the minis watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Hubs and I had a night out at the Iowa Wild hockey game with a rink side suite. It was a pretty good night and pretty good weekend!

Living room slumber party after Friday Family Movie Night. The minis caught a few scenes of Ferris Bueller's Day Off at a hotel room on our New Mexico road trip and it's been on our watchlist ever since. The minis thought it was hilarious!

A quick lunch after grocery shopping and before going vacation clothes shopping.

Trader Joe's made my life easier for meal planning. We love everything from TJ's--I just wish it were one of the closer grocery stores to us (or offered grocery delivery)!

Rink side seats with drinks and pizza from Bordenaro's

Delicious breakfast of shakshouka on toast for our Sunday morning.

The cat really wanted to be noticed while we ate.

Sunday afternoon I put the finishing touches on a few projects and cleaned in peace, while Hubs and the minis went with Grandma Sheaffer to paint some pottery.

Every Sunday night, we talk about what the upcoming week holds for all of us. Sometimes, talking about a busy upcoming week requires snuggles and reassurance. Sometimes that's how I feel as the week begins too!