Thursday, February 6, 2020

Birthday Celebration Weekend

I am completely one of those people to milks my birthday month for all it's worth. I make time to spend with friends (this is what nearly all of the month consists of), I try places and things I've been meaning to try, and for the second year in a row, I'm taking myself on vacation. I told myself last year that going to NOLA for #35 was the only time I'd travel for my birthday, but it turns out actually having an anniversary this year (February 29th....this is what I get for letting my husband choose the date) AND having it be right after my birthday required another trip. Due to February's craziness, my mom and I had a joint birthday party with family Super Bowl Sunday.

Saturday was an errand day. We had a lot of places to head to. Max is taking a new class this quarter and will be learning how to sew. We spent plenty of time in the fabric section of Hobby Lobby picking out the "perfect" fabric for him. This is also the kids that requested a caucus t-shirt so he would have something to wear Caucus night (yes, he's completely my child). We were kind of all around town with our errands on Saturday. 

Saturday morning normal for this house. In a stuffed animal barrel, in the middle of the living room, writign with a huge pen, as brothers play games at the table.

Window shopping around the East Village after shopping at Raygun.

Elizabeth (after Max couldn't make up his mind and the rest of us were getting antsy): "Look Max, here's every color you can imagine. There's also super heroes, princesses, travel, animals....just pick one." He did finally go with a travel theme fabric. Then he took just as long to pick out ribbon and thread for the project. 

No worries though, because H and Lil kept themselves busy when they found 20 life size flamingos at the back of the store.

A view of the minis playing. It was a gorgeous day so as soon as we got home, between the party and Super Bowl, the minis were outside playing. This has been a pretty mild winter, which means the minis have gotten outside nearly every day. It's been glorious!

One of my fun gifts. I also received a bracelet, new hiking pants, and National Park sweatshirt. Some of my favorite things!

Yummy, yummy cupcakes from Scratch Cupcakery.

Great afternoon to lay in bed, rest, watch the Super Bowl, and relax. I've made note how important relaxing is for me. 

Only two more weekends until my big event of the year: the Children's Museum's Giggle Gala. Then it's Salt Lake City time! I'm ready for it all!