Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Movies Weekend

Mid-February - beginning of May is quite busy for me/us. We've got trips, work, more work, projects, a Gala, events, birthdays, special occasions, and more happening. My goal for the next few weeks is to slow things down. The minis had plans to spend the night with Aunt Jenny (my sister) and have been looking forward to it for weeks. Usually Hubs and I come up with something to do: a dinner, favorite bars or trying out new places that aren't mini friendly (axe throwing one time). However, I decided I wanted something a little different. While the minis were away all day Saturday and into Sunday, Hubs and I visited our favorite bar for lunch, had a drink, watched games, ran errands quickly, and then spent the rest of the weekend at home. I'm terrible about sitting, like actually sitting and paying attention, for movies. I have a list of movies I'd like to see but never have the time to view them. So we finally did just that.

Sure, I say I'm watching Netflix a lot, but usually I'm watching reruns of Bones, NCIS, New Girl, or Once Upon A Time. I call these my "fluff" shows because I can have them on in the background while I work on projects or writing. I did write some throughout the weekend, but I also watched movies I've never seen and was present in the moments. It sounds like an incredibly simple weekend, but it was soooo nice to do something we don't usually do. Plus, I could have the TV turned up on the rated R movies and not worry about little ears overhearing any "bad" parts.

By the sounds of it, the minis were completely spoiled: snacks, choices for dinner, games, forts, and movies. They had a blast at Aunt Jenny's!

Meanwhile, I had my favorite cheese curds and watched Joker, Where'd You Go Bernadette, and caught up on the TV show Evil (a new favorite that I started over Christmas break). All great choices. I expected Where'd You Go Bernadette? to be a bit more lighthearted than it was, but some of it really hit home. Now I must read the book! Our movie binge was accompanied by chocolates and frozen pizza. We're fancy like that.

The cat was really happy to have us laying around too.

Sunday was sleep in day, playing in the snow, and watching one more movie, Yesterday, with the oldest mini. Another great one to watch on our snowy weekend. The minis were home for all of five minutes before they polished off our chocolates. I wasn't impressed.

How do you alert your neighborhood friends you can play? You go outside, run around like a crazy person, while you makes as much noise as possible. Works every time.

We've got an upcoming long weekend that will likely involve a snowstorm (so more movie days at home), some exploring, and a birthday party. Instead of being disappointed in our lazy weekends, I'm learning to appreciate them more and more. Especially on those busy days.