Thursday, January 30, 2020

A Night I Want To Remember Forever

Most nights are just regular nights: dinner, showers on shower nights, picking up the house, laying out clothes for the next day, reading, brushing teeth, taking out recycling, unloading the dishwasher, tears about going to bed, actually going to bed. It can get repetitive. Some nights it's nice to have things not be so rushed....and in complete honesty, I bribed them into getting their chores done with a fun dinner of nachos and watching part of an episode of NCIS (because it's been deemed appropriate network television by one of the minis and I don't have the energy to argue about that. Plus, it's really not the worst thing they/we could be watching).

 But this particular night was fun. There were jokes, so many WTF??!!? moments, and seconds that I want to keep in my memory. I'm a tad proud of their one liners and unique personalities that I can't help but smile at their nonesense while also thinking that we're so screwed in the teenage years with these three:

Elizabeth comes out of her room after putting pajamas on as the rest of us have already sat down at the table to eat our veggie nachos (we were waiting on her): "okay guys, since it's taco Tuesday and we're almost eating taco-like food, I'm wearing my taco nightgown!" 
**taco nightgown pictured above

Me, explaining a part on NCIS to Elizabeth that she missed because of a bathroom break: "so they're saying she shot her boyfriend. I guess sometimes they just make you made enough that you have to shoot them." (I was joking about that last part; my children typically pick up on sarcasm)
Elizabeth: "Oh that's true, especially when they do something stupid. Wait, was dad ever your boyfriend or did you just marry him?"
Me: "He was my friend first, then my boyfriend. We knew each other awhile before we got married."
Elizabeth: "Hmmm....I don't know how I feel about that."

Hubs: "Harrison, why are you touching your butt?"
Harrison: "I'm actually not touching my butt.....I'm pinching it. See? I squeeze my butt and then pinch it to see if it's big or not."
Hubs: "Go. Wash. Your. Hands. Scrub. With soap."
Harrison: "But a finger didn't go in...."
Hubs, interrupting him: "GO!"

Elizabeth (as she sprawls herself over the edge of our couch for added effect): "Ugh, why don't I have a nightgown?!!?"
Me: "You're wearing one."
Elizabeth: "No, like a little one. One that has spaghetti straps and comes down to a V and is short."
Me: brings up a slip on my phone, that just happens to be a bright pink Victoria's Secret slip, and shows it to Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: YES! That's just the one I was talking about.
** so, my seven year old just asked me to buy her lingerie

Me, attempting to look up lingerie for my daughter: "How do you spell lingerie again?"
Max quips: "Muffuletta." 
** inside family joke, but after spending a weekend in NOLA last February, my husband and I constantly laughed at the word muffuletta because, well, it just sounds dirty. Apparently our children have overheard our inside jokes enough to properly inside joke it with us. I'm a little proud.

Harrison (while eating the Valentine's Day candies Cherry Sours): "Ch-ch-ch-ch cherry balls!" (said to the tune of ACDC's Big Balls).

Me: "I just spent over $100 to get a King Cake from Rouses and beignets from Cafe De Monde delivered for Mardi Gras for daycare."
Max: "It wouldn't cost much more for us to just go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras instead."