Friday, January 10, 2020

A Very Full January Weekend

The minis went back to school January 2nd and we were all very ready to get back into the groove of our life. Of course that groove means experiencing things Des Moines has to offer. Even better because we got to spend some time outdoors in one of our favorite places in Central Iowa.

We began Friday night by going out for my sister's birthday. And by going out, I mean, I went out out. All out. Until the early morning hours that ended with a trip to McDonald's drive thru. One of those nights. 

We began the night at Sully's for, quite possibly, the best cheese curds I've ever eaten. Plus, there was someone playing Jimmy Buffett. This was all kinds of perfect. From there I was made to feel young and old again. We went to Shot Gun Betty's for line dancing and country music. I LOVED this place. Of course, my ears were ringing the next day from the loud music and my throat was raw because I attempted to talk over the music all night long. THAT never happened in my 20's. But much like my saying in my 20's, it was totally worth it!

Now we're BOTH in our 30's!

Mom's still got it.

And Saturday we did it all over again.This time with family at my parent's house.

My sister's nightgown she lived in as a child. I remember that thing well!

My sister is a FANTASTIC Aunt to the minis! I'm so proud of her and loved spending the weekend with her. I'm so happy to be raising the minis around their extended family.

Cheesecake dessert bar. All kind of wonderful.

A random littlest mini photo of her taking a photo of the cat.

Sunday was Sunday Family Fun Day. It was an added bonus that the weather was absolutely perfect for some outdoor time! We checked out the new climbing wall at Jester Park before heading out on our favorite trail. Of course, we didn't stay on the trail for long. We know the area well and we made the mini's dreams come true and we hiked the creek instead of staying on the trail. We all had a blast exploring. It was wonderful to be out in the sunshine enjoying the day!

The boys loved the climbing wall. Elizabeth didn't like that it hurt her hands. For only $5 per child, we were able to climb all day (or as long as they were open). There's only six kids on the climbing wall area at a time, so we had to take turns. In between turns there was free hot chocolate, teas, and coffee. We also came prepared with snacks, which helped a lot with the waiting for their turns.

Finally reached the top!

The creek at Jester Park was deeper in a lot of areas. Deeper than we anticipated...but no one fell in! Go us!

Despite it being a warm (for January in Iowa), sunny day, there were still plenty of icy areas.

They hated this bridge because it was wobbly. I'm the mother that made them stand on it for a picture.

The oldest had to wear my hiking boots because he left his boots outside in the rain and snow. He was forced to clean them out when we got home. He wasn't thrilled, but (hopefully) he learned his lesson.