Friday, January 17, 2020

Must Haves For Kids By Kids

Matching pajama sets are a must too. They just don't know it.

It's time for telling you my favorite things from the last couple of weeks. Since I spend so, so, so much time with kids and all of my favorites had to do with kids, I figured I'd ask some of my favorite kiddlets what they're favorite things are. So, without further ado, here's the kid's favorite things:

1.) Scrunchies
"Because they're so colorful and soft and I can give them to whoever I like."
- Elizabeth, age 7

2.) Frozen 2 music (also known as a soundtrack)
"It sounds so pretty. We can sing Into The Unknown alllllll day long. Right, Ash?" (I can confirm this is true)
- Rebekah, age 3 1/2 (almost 4) and Audrey, age 2

3.) Black leggings with no sparkles
"Black leggings are so important to have because they're just so cool and you can wear them all the time."
- Elizabeth, age 7
** it should be noted that she's mad she only has black leggings with sparkles because she ripped her plain black leggings and lazy mom hasn't replaced them yet

4.) Lego sets
"They're a must because they're fun to build with and keep you busy so your mom doesn't get mad."
- Harrison, age 9
** Harry Potter sets are all the rage at our house right now. They're trying to collect them all.

5.) Drawing
"Making comic strips or drawing because it opens up your imagination. I usually just draw, but I also sometimes Google things so I can draw them too. There's a drawing app for my phone, but my parents won't let me get it."
- Max, age 11

6.) Pokemon
"They're really cool creatures and plus you can get trading cards and stuff at Target."
- three 11 year olds, two 9 year olds
** it should be noted that this mom doesn't understand why Pokemon is cool

7.) Rice Cracker Medley
- signed by Andrew, age 1. The 9 month old seems to approve too by screaming for more.

8.) The Raina Telgemeier series and Dogman books
"They're really good books."
- Harrison, age 9

9.) Boxes and recyclables
"You can build really cool stuff with anything."
- all kids

So there you have it. Draw, listen to music, play, and keep your recyclables so kids can build with them.