Monday, June 25, 2018

Recital AND Father's Day Weekend

Our biggest anticipated weekend of June happened: recital weekend. There was so much uncertainty surrounding recital week (how would we manage work schedules? What time did we need to be where?? And when am I supposed to be volunteering? It was a lot to take in) that by the time the actual recital day came around, Hubs and I were exhausted. Yet Lil Miss E was ALL for the excitement of recital week. Because of our busy recital week and recital day, we didn't do a whole lot for Father's Day. However, we ended the weekend learning three things: 1.) Elizabeth LOVES dancing and spent all of Father's Day talking about next year's recital week. 2.) It's no fun when mom's sick. 3.) Night swimming is the perfect way to end the weekend/start the week.

Hubs unexpectedly had to work, so it was a mom and minis morning. We saw an early morning showing of Incredibles 2 at Flix Brewhouse while we enjoyed breakfast, did some shopping for Father's Day, and had treats from Starbucks. Then, it was the much anticipated recital time.

Elizabeth: "Boys, do the dance pose please." The picture below is when she realized Max wasn't doing the dance pose she requested.

She did so great! It was a late night (and we didn't even stay for the entire show!), but Lil Miss E loved every part of it. She's hoping for a solo next year (insert eye roll) and instantly talking about the next dance season. She's already decided that she'll take tap and ballet again, but "maybe do an acro class too because I really liked their I can do cartwheels and the splits now."

We celebrated with a late night visit to Snookies.

We weren't sure how the day after the recital would go (how tired would everyone be? was the big questions), but the minis were up bright and early on Father's Day so we decided to go for brunch. We tried out Gilroy's brunch buffet for the first time. It was a hot morning, but we love Gilroy's patio and chose to sit there. 

We spent the afternoon resting and treated ourselves to an evening swim at Valley View Aquatics Center after dinner. We've done their family swim night in the past and have always been surprised that it's not incredibly busy (it's only $12 per family for two hours of swimming).

The minis felt the cat should eat treats with us before bedtime....

Unfortunately, I woke up Sunday morning sick and feeling very run down. Not the way I wanted to end the weekend and start my week, but luckily I had a fair amount of time to rest and take it easy on Sunday.