Monday, June 4, 2018

The Baby Is The Boss In Our Family

We've known Elizabeth ruled the roost the moment we told the boys they'd have a sister. They talked about her nonstop, worried about her before she was even born, and doted on her when she was. Quite honestly, it's amazing she's even able to speak because she has two older brother's more than willing to do pretty everything for her (for real, the girl has yet to lift a finger during clean up time). I've noticed her bossiness take shape the past few years. A few weeks ago, one of the daycare kids needed help finding something and Elizabeth rushed in saying, "I'll help you! I'm a really good finder." She then proceeded to tell every other child where to look but she herself never once joined in on the action. She's that kind of bossy.

So, we were treated to her "teaching skills" (otherwise known as bossiness) when she taught the boys some of her dance positions and moves she's learned. Turn the volume up and try to make out the figures in the sunshine and lamp (which was Elizabeth's spotlight, because she needed one).

My favorite part of the second video is Harrison exclaiming, "it looks like we're sniffing each other's butts."

I think we might have a little dance instructor on our hands!