Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Harrison's 8th Birthday At Daycare

Harrison had a GREAT birthday at daycare! As usual for birthday's, he got to choose all of the meals, snacks, and activities for the day. He was pumped that the state on his birthday was Massachusetts because we got to do one of his favorite things: have a tea party. He requested to have the costumes brought up into the daycare room for the day. He was very disappointed that the weather didn't cooperate for time in the pools (but it seems we'll get plenty of pool time this week).

The night before, H Dawg decorated his own chocolate cupcakes. This helped me out tremendously, as I had been under the weather all week and had plenty to get done. Also, his face paint was that of a dalmatian puppy, thanks to watching 101 Dalmatians on Netflix earlier in the day.

Harrison's day started bright and early at 5:30 a.m. but he kindly let mom sleep until 7 (when I had to be up for daycare). Then all he could focus on was opening presents!

Hatchimals, an Echo Dot for his bedroom, and a new Fingerlings play set made for a perfect birthday for this new 8 year old!

It was actually pretty perfect that we were doing Massachusetts on his birthday because we got to have tea party (tea is one of his favorite drinks) and eat his birthday cupcakes.

Harrison had hoped to do the Mayflower Boat Races in the big pool in the backyard, but since it was raining, he had to settle for a kiddie pool inside (with way less water in it than usual). The kids decorated their "boats" (empty yogurt and applesauce cups) before trying to race them. 

The kids had to blow their "boats" from "England" to "Massachusetts."

The cat discovered this extra large water dish and climbed right in. It had the kids in stitches.

Harrison's lunch request: mac and cheese, raspberries, broccoli, and frozen peas. Yes, frozen peas. It's so weird, but this how my kids prefer to eat peas! We read Dr. Seuss books during lunch (because Dr. Seuss was from Massachusetts), with Happy Birthday To You! being the first.

After a full day of playing and dressing up, we had H's favorite Chinese food for dinner and Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer came over with gifts.

Some back story to why this fortune is so amazing: Last month, we got Chinese food before we started our trek up to Minneapolis for a weekend getaway. It was a big weekend and when H pulled out his fortune that night, the fortune was: This coming Saturday will be an exciting time for you.

This stood out because he had a special night at the water park that night. Cut to his birthday night and he gets the above fortune. On Friday, the day after his birthday, he got a special Birthday Day with my parents and some one on one attention that included a special sleepover.

It think it's crazy that he's now gotten TWO fortunes on the eve of a day that would be special to him.

Harrison got his coveted shoes from Grandma and Grandpa. The last time we went into ON, he got really mad at me because I wouldn't buy him these new shoes (because I knew he was getting them for his birthday). I apologized as he went to bed how he had acted that day in ON because I wouldn't get them.

Another epic birthday in the books for Mr. H Dawg doing everything he loves!