Tuesday, June 12, 2018

11 Summer Faves

1.) An Over-sized beach towel is an essential with as much time as we spend at pools, water parks, beaches, splash parks, etc.

2.) How can you not love some an all natural bug spray that was locally made? It also does a superb job of keeping the bugs away. Bug Soother is the love of my life this summer.

3.) What started as a poor experience with Enterprise Rental ended with excellent customer service on Memorial Day weekend. I now will always make it a priority to rent a vehicle from the location nearest us.

4.) The best pesto ever! I love eating it with cucumbers or apples.

5.) We did Goblies Throwable Paint Balls at the start of summer vacation and the kids had a blast with them! They make a mess but clean up easily.

6.) I saw this 3D coin purse and it instantly reminded me of our road trips. It was an instant must-have for me.

7.) Summer Summer Summer Summer Time shirt. This shirt just screams summer. Literally. Also, I *might* have bought my daughter the matching tank and we *might* wear them together occasionally. 

8.) Layering shirts are a must for me. These are comfy, long, and hold up well.

9.) I made sun butter roll-ups for lunch and they were a hit! So easy to make with whole wheat tortillas and sun butter. I made them up the night before serving, put them in the refrigerator overnight, and lunch was easy peasy the next day! These will be going into our lunch rotation from now on.

10.) If you're looking for a fun series for the kiddos this summer, check out The Who Was Show... on Netflix. Based on the books of the same name, this show teaches kids about important people from history in a fun way. Seriously, when my six-year-old can explain to me who Susan B. Anthony is, I take that as a win.

11.) Starbucks K-Cups Plus is 2x the caffeine which makes me 2x's more productive during the day.