Friday, June 8, 2018

Elizabeth's 6th Birthday At Daycare

Two years ago I stopped taking each one of the mini's birthday off so we could take a summer vacation to Tennessee. I've kept that up and instead the minis get to chose the day's activities, meals, snacks, games, etc. The real highlight is that they get to spend their day with some of their best friends. They LOVE it! 

Elizabeth chose to open her birthday presents before daycare started for the day. Dolls, barbies, and yard games kept everyone busy. Her meals were what children's dreams are made of: pancakes and strawberry yogurt for breakfast, cookies and carrots for morning snack, a waffle bar (with sausage, bacon, and bananas) for lunch, chocolate cake in the afternoon, and Chinese food for dinner. The celebration of Elizabeth's sixth birthday lasted well after dinner when Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer stopped by with more gifts.

 Adding to her American Girl doll collection.

 There were some issues with the cakes.....I had a migraine the night before Elizabeth's birthday and couldn't get a cake to turn out right to save my life! I finally assigned cake baking to Matt and decorated the good cake in the morning. Except my decorating skills weren't up to the usual standards thanks to a very restless sleep from the migraine. I gave up on decorating but luckily six year olds don't care what their cake looks like, just that it's edible!

 Everyone was busy playing for morning snack. So I handed out cookies and set out bags of carrots. The kids demolished the carrots (as well as their cookies)!

 The kids were thrilled with the waffle bar for lunch! I can't believe how much everyone ate.....I'm actually surprised they had room for cake a few hours later.

 Yes, the child who requested the waffle bar had two plain waffles....

It seemed to be a fantastic day because Lil Miss 6 year old E was all smiles as she crawled into bed!