Sunday, June 3, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was packed full of fun! Friday night was a girls night with my sister and cousin, Saturday we spent in the pools of Adventure Bay, Sunday was our memorable day trip, and Monday was errands, lounging, and the Solo movie. Somehow we had plenty of energy for everything!

We tried out The Hall for my first time. An impressive drink list, a variety of food trucks to choose from, and live music made for a great Friday night. I loved the diversity of the crowd. There were families eating dinner, a group celebrating a 16th birthday party, a group celebrating a 21st birthday, an older couple enjoying a date night, and several groups of friends playing board games on the long hall tables (oh and I obviously like to people watch). We tried new drinks, new foods, and had great conversations. This is definitely a place where we can take the minis one night for dinner (and drinks for us).

Peanut butter french fries are a thing. They were spicy too!

Our Saturday got off to an interesting start. We went to pick up our rental vehicle (for the weekend) at Enterprise and were met with a lobby full of customers and no employee. We waited for an hour and half before an employee showed up. Corporate was of no help when we called and inquired about another rental location, but once the manager arrived, the customer service was outstanding and we got a pretty sweet deal for our weekend ride. I was really happy the minis got to experience first-hand how to go about a situation that isn't ideal and how kindness goes a long ways.

Once we got our rental it was off for our first visit of the year to Adventureland. However, it was a brisk 97 degree day so much of our day was spent in the pools of Adventure Bay water park.

Elizabeth's first rollercoaster ride was Big Thunder Mountain at Disney World, but this was her first Adventureland rollercoaster. She loved it!

Breaks for lunch and hydration: mini chicken and waffles, burgers, fries, and onion rings.

After our long day in the sun, we happily came home for relaxing, dinner, and a Saturday night movie of Kindergarten Cop.

Sunday was another Iowa Road Trip Adventure for us. Read more about our long, fun day here.

Monday morning we did something we haven't done in months (and months and months): we braved the retail world and went shopping! We did our grocery shopping ourselves and picked up the necessary items for the first week of summer vacation. Shockingly, the minis were actually helpful.

I had hoped to wait until Tuesday (for daycare kids), we had to release the butterflies. As we rushed to go to the Solo: A Star Wars Story, one of the butterflies was flying around the net vigorously and got caught under an orange slice. The butterflies happily flew away as soon as we opened the net. This is the first time none of the butterflies have died before setting them free. Go us!

The cat was really disappointed that the butterflies were gone....although she didn't realize it for quite some time.

This was a very memorable Memorial Day Weekend, spending quality time just the five of us. I can't quite think of anything better.