Thursday, June 7, 2018

To My Baby On Your 6th Birthday

Dear Elizabeth,

It's been SIX long, adventurous, fun, and interesting years. Number five was a big year for you. You conquered kindergarten, dance, and grew all of your abilities in amazing ways. I was worried about that huge transition into kindergarten for you, but you blew me away with your perseverance and adaptability to new situations. You were nicknamed "little dolly" at school by teachers and came home daily with stories of who wore what and a child that bit your hair during carpet time. I looked forward to the stories of your day during dinner!

Meal time is still quite......interesting with you. Some evenings you clear your plate, while you cry because it's time to eat other nights. You really like to keep all of us on our toes. It's one of your many specialties.

Your favorite things include American Girl dolls, being bossy (you're very good at it), hiking (you're still and rock star hiker and have requested that we "hike a mountain very soon"), swimming (mostly sitting on the side of the pool and dipping your toes), playing with friends, and fashion. You request shopping excursions to "just us girls" (Justice), Old Navy, and Gap.

You are an amazing girl who picks up on details that others don't. You still insist on doing whatever you want to do not matter what everyone else is doing. I love this about you, even though it's one of the toughest parts of being your mom.

I'm not going to lie, while you are a fantastic and amazing girl, parenting you is challenging for me. You have big feelings and are a complete girly girl. Very opposite from myself. I often find myself wondering what the hell I do with you. Yet through all of the challenges I am extremely thankful for you! You have made me do things, see things, and understand things that I wouldn't have without you.

The highlight of your sixth birthday was playing with your daycare friends all day long. My favorite moment of the day happened at dinner when you noticed Max holding his fork differently to be silly. You got a very stern look on your face and said, "use your fork properly. Like this....thank you." You can run things from your throne at the head of the table (you overtook that spot months ago from dad and me).

My sweet Lil Miss E, you have always been the cherry on top for us. Our family felt complete the minute you came into our lives. You are often the source of comedic relief with your funny misunderstandings of the world. As always, I am so lucky and happy you are mine! Thank you for being you. Keep being YOU!

Love you forever and always,