Friday, February 3, 2017

The Last Weekend In January

Our weekends lately have been taken up with packing, getting everything ready to pack, and getting things ready for/at the new house. We haven't had much time for our adventures (at this rate, we'll see them again at some point in the spring. Sigh) but the minis were pretty excited when one of our "new house errands" included playtime on Rainbow Play Systems. Obviously we're knocking all of the important things off the to do list (wink wink).

We did take a break from errand running to go see the swans at Walnut Woods State Park and attend a birthday party. Otherwise it was packing, packing, and more packing....and finding all of those long lost toys we completely forgot about!

Walnut Woods had a Swan Soiree. We got to see swans close up thanks to the Iowa DNR and we got to see them migrating at the reservoir.

I couldn't manage a great picture, but we arrive at the reservoir just in time to see the swans fly and land in the water. You could hear their trumpeting all over the park!

I've been feeling a bit guilty lately about all of the moving craziness and our lack of adventures. Our adventures are always fun and a great bonding experience for the five of us. The past few weekends have been a lot of the minis playing by themselves while we're busy finding our "treasures" in the basement. I was happy that not only did we get to see the swans and do a short hike, but the minis got some playtime with friends at the birthday party. They played outside on the playground, ran around, and did some baby chasing (mostly Miss Elizabeth). 

Ending our day with a quick stop at Menard's to price check a few items. The two youngest minis had to hug as we walked. 

Getting thrown out of the house (aka messing around with dad).

We're finding some pretty interesting things in that basement of our's! Hubs found an old Road Atlas and gave it to the minis while I found my Cabbage Patch Kids color forms. The minis paid no interest to the color forms and went straight for the Atlas. They also got busy planning a cross country road trip.....

The next several weekends will be much like this one here: lots of packing, but we're trying to squeeze in a bit of fun here and there to keep everyone sane!