Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week In Review: January 23 - 27 & January 30 - February 3

Daycare has been interesting these past couple of weeks! With everything underway with packing and moving, I began talking to the kiddies about all of the changes underway. They've been really good with it (a lot of questions about everything of course) and even spent a day helping me go through toys. They each got to pick out toys to take home and they helped me pack away some in boxes (we said "bye bye see you next month" to those toys). 

The changes have been most demanding on me. I've had to decide what toys will be out for the rest of the month (until moving time) and pre-plan for the entire month....all while deciding what of my hundreds of supplies can be packed up now and what has to wait until the last minute. Daycare will be open up until moving day, so the next couple of weeks are packed full of activities and the last week and a half of the month will be a lot of free playing. Everything has been a lot to think about, but having amazing little kiddos (and daycare parents) is helping a lot!

While we've been dealing with all of the new house business, we've also gotten in quite a few activities. Here's a look at the past two weeks:

Valentine paintings for parents. All of the kids did an excellent job!

The cats are a huge help with everything. The big kids made noodle necklaces after school one day and Doc was right there to help with the string. Sophia "helped" me cut out hearts one afternoon at nap time.

Coffee filter heart snowflakes. The kids painted them (with light blue and silver paint) and then I cut them once dried.

We worked on the minis Valentines too! They're super excited to help create their Valentines this year.

Water color painting pages. The younger kids had a hard time right at first but caught on quickly thanks to watching the big kids.

We had a very special lunch time one day and ordered pizza (pepperoni Scooby Snacks from Northern Lights Pizza). They got to have a living room picnic while watching Leap Frog Letter Factory. To say this was a hit is an understatement! The kids have asked to do this for every lunch since that day.

We came across the puppets going through toys. The kids have thoroughly enjoyed putting on puppet shows (or something like that) for each other.

I'm getting used to free play Friday's. On Friday's, the kids haven't wanted to do any of my planned activities and have taken things into their own hands. I'm not complaining one bit because they have displayed amazing creativity, used their words and sharing skills, and helped each other without any needed intervention from me. One Friday they emptied my Tupperware cupboard, "baked a special cake" just for me, and then held a tea party, all while I silently observed.

Friday's are also dance party days! At least two hours of our morning in spent jumping, spinning, singing, and stomping while the music plays REALLY loud. It also happens to be pretty much the only day that kids leave with bumps and bruises on them....

One Friday we played The Animal Game. I named an animal and the kids had to act like whatever animal I said (example: be a lion and the kids got down on their hands and knees and roared at each other).

The dance party (above) and Animal Game (below).

We had a few fun days of full of Chocolate (read about all Chocolate Day activities here). We started with chocolate chip pancake muffins and then did chocolate cookie cutter painting, chocolate "snow," and chocolate noodle play. For the first time ever, the chocolate noodles did not get eaten!

I told the kids to build a snowman with the chocolate "snow" (baking soda, water, and cocoa powder) because it may be the only snowman we build this year (thanks to no snow in Des Moines).

We got fun with afternoon snack one day: zucchini slices turned into a smile, carrots became noses, and Goldfish crackers were eyes. Contrary to some beliefs, this did NOT help the kids eat their snack (not that they really needed help to begin with). They didn't want to ruin the snack faces!

We got the new play system ordered for the new house! The big kids especially are excited about it.

The 3+ crowd has been enjoyed board and card games. The oldest mini has been challenging me to games of all of the kids cheer us on and ask for "the little chips."

* Not pictured is our Wall of Love, which has what the kids love. Some of their loves includes a blanket, the color pink, and Leap Frog.