Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2 for 1 Weekends

Two weekends in one post, all because I've been preoccupied with other things to keep up with writing. As you've come to expect, we spent a good portion of our weekends packing. We did leave a bit of time for some of our shenanigans....

Mom had a headache and tried to go to bed early....instead I got little minions in my bed jumping over me and asking to "have a slumber party with you!" Um, no.

We caught The Lego Batman movie opening weekend. The kids and we adults enjoyed the movie (and our food and drinks from Flix Brewhouse).

They LOVED this 3D movie sign! Also after the movie they got a free Lego mini figurine from the theater. 

They can't wait to see Boss Baby (I'm more excited for the new Beauty and the Beast movie).

We have to have some fun during packing! For the story behind this picture, click here. The weather has been gorgeous in Iowa lately, which means we've been able to kick the minis out of the house quite a bit....but we haven't been able to keep the closest eye on them as we pack. Imagine my surprise when I walked in the backyard to see them playing "ambulance patient."

We got cleaned up and went to Elizabeth's family Sweetheart Dance at school. There was a minor panic when it was 75 degrees out and all of our spring/summer clothes had been packed away! I had to dig for a dress for myself, but we all managed! The minis had a great time dancing the night away and came home famished for chicken nuggets (of all things).

The dance wasn't this minis favorite thing, but he came around and danced until he was sweaty!

The beloved Tooty Ta dance.

We wonder why the cat begs for food....

Good ole selfie to show that it was warm enough for a sleeveless on February 17th!

We celebrated my 33rd birthday ten days early with a family party at my parents house. We had Italian stew, breadsticks, and salad and an ice cream sundae bar in lieu of cake. I got more than enough help blowing out my birthday candles!

Sunday was a VERY busy day! We woke up early, made a big breakfast, cleaned up the backyard and went through our shed (and got everything ready for the move), bought a new dining room table (and spent some extra time going through the furniture shop), and grilled burgers for dinner. My new kicks kept my feet comfy the entire day!

Well, we're getting down to it....only one weekend left until the big move! Luckily we don't have much left to do but it's come time to pack our every day items away. Next week should be quite interesting but we're so close! Then we'll blow up the blog with projects around the house.