Monday, February 20, 2017

A Simple Valentine's Day

I know, I know. You're getting tired of hearing me mention moving and packing. Believe me, I'm getting sick of it myself. Here's the thing, we're literally eating, sleeping, breathing and juggling packing, jobs, school events, new house things, and making sure everything is ready to go and move in ready come moving day. I've been giving myself breaks in the daycare department since a lot of the toys, books, and crafts have had to be packed up. Compared to previous years, we haven't had as an exciting Valentine's season as we usually do. Last year they got a little pool full of flour "sand" to play in (read about that here). This year we kept things easy and the kiddos still had a great time.

We decorated bags for their Valentine's to go in, passed out Valentine's, ate a cookie cake, read Valentine's Day books, made chocolate candies, had a "love dance" (pretty much just like our Friday dance parties but with the word love shouted here and there from the kids) and decorated hearts using scrap pieces of paper. Take a look:

We got Valentine's Day goodies from my parents--a whole box full!

The boy's Valentines they passed out to their classmates at the parties.

My Aunt sent me a Valentines too. A little backstory: I loved Cabbage Patch dolls growing up and still have my collection of dolls (my kids play with a few of them). She happened to find this one and I must say, it takes the cake!

The afternoon before Valentine's Day, the kids decorated their bags (with heart cookie cutters and red and pink paint), baked the sugar cookie cake (and decorated it), and made homemade chocolate candies.

This pan is supposed to be for making heart shaped cookies, but they worked great for the chocolates!

Eating the chocolate off the sides of the bowls once we were done.

I love having a goody table all set up Valentines morning. This year's included new shirts for the minis, new bathroom items for their minis' (and daycare) bathroom, the cake (that was eaten later), the chocolates, and chocolate donuts with strawberries on top. The minis and the other kids loved everything!

Their Valentine dance that looked a lot like Ring Around the Rosie but with "love love love" said instead. Credit for this dance goes to the 19 month old.

Valentine lunch: heart shaped grilled cheese, spinach and snap peas, and sweet peppers.

This was my absolute favorite part of the day: each child took turns passing out their Valentines to each other. At the end I had them all tell each other thank you, they threw in hugs and "love you." I love how sweet, loving, and thoughtful they can be to each other.

The craft (heart shapes, glue, and scrap construction paper I've saved throughout the year).

Our annual heart shaped pizza for dinner. After eating quickly, we went shopping (and bought!) our new refrigerator stopped by the new house to take some measurements for some other purchases we planned on making (hello new dining room furniture).

The minis loved running up and down from the basement to the attic area while we took our measurements. Great energy waster and great end to the day (despite us leaving the house with all three in tears and going straight to bed as soon as we got home).

Next year I'm hoping life won't be so crazy and we'll be able to have a Valentine's Day to remember!