Sunday, February 12, 2017

Keeping Things Light In The Midst of Craziness

Our life has been consumed by packing for the big move. We've skipped our usual adventures and have been spending nearly free moment going through bins, donating unwanted clothing, and packing away our lesser used items. It's beginning to take it's toll, particularly on me who uses our weekend adventures to save my sanity (a hazard of working from home all day every day). As we were gearing up for a day of packing, organizing, and hoping the minis behind, Hubs reminded me of the above picture.

We were moving out of our apartment in May of 2009 and Max (10 months old at the time) was "helping" me pack things up to be moved to our first house. I've always loved this picture. It's made me laugh whenever I come across it and brings back sweet memories of my firstborn. Being who Hubs and I are, we decided to re-create the above picture, 2017 style.

I've already packed away the martini glasses so a margarita glass had to do. I think we accomplished the if only he would fit into a Carter's onesie again.