Wednesday, February 8, 2017

First February Weekend

I feel like all we've been doing lately has to do with the house, packing, planning, and prepping for the move. We decided we needed a night out for all of us on Friday....of course the night ended at Home Depot, but the minis still happily played throughout the sections of lumber and fencing. We took time out on Sunday to celebrate my mom's birthday, but mostly the weekend consisted of packing and giving our junk away (the local shelters are loving us lately!). 

We tried out Blaze Pizza for the first time. The minis loved it (so did we, but it's much more noteworthy when kids enjoy a restaurant).

He doesn't like crusts, obviously.

On Saturday Hubs had to work and I was busy packing up the basement. The minis did a good job of keeping themselves busy and entertained. They even joined us for a round of organizing in the basement Saturday evening.

Sometimes an escape from reality is needed. I settled on the couch with my coffee and romantic comedies. I spent longer than planned in that spot but my mental health is thanking me.

I love sweet moments: helping pack boxes and reading together.

One of the many pictures I've come across while packing. This is of my younger sister, my mom, and me well before babies (as evident by the perky braless boobs). It seemed perfect that I came across this pic on the morning of my mom's 53rd birthday.

Minor issues with the balloons....

An updated picture of the three of us.

While this upcoming weekend will be a lot more packing, we're also going to be sure to fit in some fun in the form of the newest Lego movie and maybe a hike or something of the sorts. Our weekends at home are getting to the minis (and me!) so we need to get out a little!