Friday, January 29, 2016

January Weekend

We've gotten fairly lazy with these winter weekends. My goal for the winter was to try out a few new things, but keep things calm and not over schedule our weekends. So far I've kept to that goal. On Saturday we lunched, we painted at Glazed Expressions (our "big" outing for the weekend), ran errands, and did some extra shopping. On Sunday we did nothing (other than some website work). We thought about going ice skating, but instead we lounged at home, cleaned bedrooms, and cooked food for our busy week.

Lauren and I have been working hard on the website. Some people play on Friday nights, I work. For now. Someday I'll have my Friday nights back.

Saturday morning cuddles. These two were cuddle buddies all weekend long.

Lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. Our rule for the meal was we all had to try something new.

Our next stop was Glazed Expressions. We went here last year for my birthday and loved it. It's a bit pricey so we made a deal to only go once a year. Last year we painted a platter and made a candle. This year we all painted a coffee mug. Each mug was painted very uniquely. 

The kids did a great job with their mugs.

After painting, this cute girl and I went dress shopping for an upcoming family Valentine's dance we'll be attending. Then we all went to Target. We found some excellent clearance items, including (but totally not limited at) new quilts, blankets, and bed sheets for the minis.

Our Saturday night was obviously as wild as our Friday night.

Sunday was a lot of napping, relaxing, football and X-Files watching, playing, laundry folding, and cooking. It may not have been a day running around town, but it was nicely spent.

So, in short, winter = time at home and lots of relaxing. We're saving our energy for spring.