Thursday, January 28, 2016

Valentine Cookie Sandwiches

I'm all about simple, easy, and cute. One morning, the kids asked for cookies. I got bored making just plain chocolate chip cookies. I rummaged through my cupboards and found a few things to take the cookies to the next level.

Heart shaped cookie sheet, cookie mix, and frosting. Make the cookies as directed on the package, spray pan and bake cookies in the heart shapes. After cooling, remove and decorate how you want.

We did a layer of frosting in between two cookies, iced the top, and covered in sprinkles.

I couldn't find any of my decorating tools (okay, so I totally didn't look for them because I didn't want to take the time to do so). Instead, I used a Ziploc baggie and cut the tip off of one end of the bag. It worked great.

So much frosting. I actually don't like frosting, so I never even tried them, but the kids LOVED them and they turned out way cuter than just plain chocolate chip cookies.